April 30, 2015

To Ignore or Answer?

Usually when I log into the blog here, I get a red alert on the dashboard that says for instance- 30 comments awaiting moderation. I have seen this alert a hundred times but one day, it read differently for some reason. There were comments, yes...they were 30 of them, ok but the key word was they were "waiting".

A light bulb turned on.

I could get to them when I wanted to!

Matter of fact, I could delete them, I could read them, I could ignore them, I could reply them, I could do what I wanted with them. I had the choice.

Mentally I pictured the scene from coming to America where King Jafi joffer said "Let them wait!, I'm talking to my son!" yup, I could even do that too!

I could choose what I let into my world and when.

Whether in our real or virtual worlds, we can choose the comments, opinions, behaviours and people we allow in.

Sometimes we forget we have that choice, but it's really up to us to identify what we need to ignore and when we do, find the "how" to ignore it.

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