March 27, 2015

What not to say to a bride on her wedding day

1. I'm sorry I won't be able to make it

Don't make your piece of disappointing news the subject of your call to them on their happy day; call days before to relay your inability to attend so you can use your call that day to create more memorable felicitations with your friend, colleague or relative getting married .

2. How do I get to the venue?

Again, it is better to do this earlier or call the numbers on the R.S.V.P. Trust me the last thing on a bride's mind is giving you directions, she probably has one naked leg she is trying to push into shoes and ten hands fixing hair, makeup, accessories, basket and gown all at once.

3. When will I get my balance?

This is for vendors. I didn't get how vendors wanted to be paid 100% without delivery and got many telling me about how one bride ran off on her honeymoon and their payments entered voicemail. But we've also heard of vendors who chop the money and the couple never get the video, album, agreed cake or menu so vendors, its a two way street.

As much as was possible I didn't do 100% payments until after delivery and sorted balances  quickly to keep my own end of payment agreements with each vendor. I don't know if it helped delivery but it certainly gave me peace of mind.

4. We want to do something else instead of what was previously agreed

A vendor actually called me the morning of the wedding to tell me a previous agreed detail would be changed. It didn't have to be but the caller wanted things her way and allowed the devil tempting her make her call me to insist on a detail she had half heartedly agreed I could have my way. It took long suffering to calmly tell her "NO" for the umpteenth time.

5. We didn't get food/souvenir/recognitions et al

This didn't happen to me from guests at my wedding although I didn't get food lol (we couldn't be bothered to eat cause it was all dance dance dance and no one remembered we hadn't had a bit to eat lol) but in general I think when you go to a wedding, you go to bless and we can do that assignment well by asking nothing of the couple but to add to the smiles they have on their faces that day.


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