February 27, 2015

The grass is just as green on my side!

Does it happen to you that someone you want to be friends with snubs you then later wants to befriend you but now you find them uninteresting and wonder why you were soo into them in the first place?

I have been there before where I felt something was wrong with me because so and so didn't want to be my friend but hey it gets better on that road because as I got older and such friends eventually had a change of heart, they either turned out to be jerks or I turned out not liking them and was even surprised at my disenchantment- "is this it?"

I have had friends who picked on me when we were growing up, friends I liked who didn't like me around, only to grow up and have them warm up to me and I discovered they had traits I would rather live without or they rubbed me the wrong way and I would rather love them from a distance.

Then I would think what was I thinking feeling sorry that this person didn't like me or want to be my friend! I don't like them either!

Also I have seen how someone I admired from afar and wished I was associated with turned out to be just as flawed and human as the rest of us- with baggage I didn't even want to touch or was rather surprised that they had.

Up close I realise that they are just as human and I am just as divine. Not above and not beneath.

I remember stepping out countless times to events and admiring how someone looked and in offering them praise they would often turn back to me and say you look lovely too; and I would counter and say you look lovely, I wish I looked like you and they will say then who will look like you?

I quickly realised I wasn't seeing myself at all. I would get dressed, enjoy my swag and forget it once I stepped into a room of equally well dressed people but I learnt to say you look good and keep in mind I wasn't looking bad either- they couldn't look like me!

So no the grass isn't greener on the other side. And if someone doesn't like you for you, they really aren't worth it.

Celebrate yourself, you are more than you see!

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