January 09, 2015

Peace: Finding the way.

"Make peace."


You can't go to a company called "Peace Makers" or make a jar of home made peace!

"Ok. Give each other a hug. Shake hands."

So you hug the piece of wood and shake the lump of clay with an unfeeling heart of steel. But the peace was not in the hug or in the handshake.

So where is peace?

Peace isn't in being happy with the outcome.

Peace is in being able to live with the outcome. In finding a perspective to see the same facts to be able to accept them.

Peace isn't in achieving a resolution on your terms.

Peace is in resolving the bone of contention in keeping with God's terms and in harmony with higher laws e.g. abiding by your moral code, keeping the golden rule, aligning with what is right etc.

Peace isn't in getting a fair hearing, having wrongs being righted, finding who is at fault, who should be blamed, and where things went wrong.

It is in seeing the bigger picture beyond right and wrong.

Peace is in accepting it is not all about you and seeing it from everyone's point of view. Seeing the human condition that necessitated the offending action, hearing the words before seeing the bad attitude and the rude approach, understanding everyone's agenda- what outcomes they are likely to support and why. Seeing that supporters won't support you because you are aggrieved but because you are right at best or you align with their agenda at worst.

Peace is not in regaining control. It is in having control over self when you loose control over the situation.

Peace is not in teaching a lesson, it is in finding the lesson.

Peace is not about the other person, it is about you coming away with a conscience unperturbed.

Peace is not in keeping people in line. It is in not getting out of line.

More often than not, peace is more than a feeling. It is a decision. 

A decision to let it go.

A decision to let go.

And in finding peace you discover that peace was not in the way you felt about the situation but in the way you felt about your decision.


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