February 27, 2014

What someone should have told us that nobody did.

This is not love.

Someone should have told us what love isn't.
"Love doesn't belittle."
"It does not behave like it owns you."
"It doesn't need to control you."
Someone should have been exact and said:
"If he's beating you, he doesn't love you."
"If he's talking down at you, he doesn't love you."
"If he's sleeping around, he doesn't love you. "
Someone should have painstakingly painted a picture:
This should not be you.

This should be you- happy!

Someone should have drawn the line somewhere:

"Don't stay if so and so happens."
"If he slaps you the first time, run or give him a run for his money."
"Its okay for a good girl to fight if it's evil you are fighting."
Someone should have said in addition to cook and clean:

"Stand up for yourself."  
"Don't do it if you don't feel comfortable."
"Scrutinize. Investigate. Question. Cross check."

Someone is telling you what nobody did:
"Lil' girl, when you meet a love that isn't? Don't stay. "
That's what to do!

-Omonike Odi

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