February 13, 2014

14 reasons why Valentine’s Day should be a public holiday!

1.       You deserve a day off from praying for a man.
 Not today. Don’t cry mournful tears. Don’t be angry with God. Don’t get worked up. Don’t yell, don’t sigh, and don’t mutter. Don’t threaten, don’t bargain, don’t bribe, don’t vow, and don’t sulk.


Give yourself a break from focusing on what you want intensely.

2.      You deserve a day off from fantasizing.
Don’t do it today. Don’t imagine anything. Just stop right there. Don’t set yourself up to feel frustrated at the end of the movie when you realize it will not happen. Don’t let anything take you there, not a movie or anything you see, hear or feel today.

Just for today, keep aside the romantic feelings you want to feel and think about your future, your ambitions, your financial power, what you really are like and describe the sort of person who will fit you.

Maybe you might start to see who around you could fit. You don’t have to like them, just try one date with them and see.
3.      You deserve a day off from blaming yourself for being single.

Don’t ask yourself what you could have done better, how you could have been better or what you could have said better. Change what you are thinking about.

Today, refuse to call that bitter or sad ending to mind. Think about something that is going well for you that you are happy about.

4.      You deserve a day off to forget your age

Forget you are single and in your mid or late 20s, 30s, 40s or 50s!

Just for today, forget where you expected to be at your age and see how far you have come.
5.      You deserve a day off from putting your life on hold

You know those things you want to do but haven’t gotten down to because you will prefer to do it with someone or those things you haven’t bought yourself or done for yourself because being able to buy them or do them will
“intimidate “a man – decide today to get to them.

Life is too short to keep your happiness on hold.

6.      You deserve a day off from feeling miserable because you are not married or in a relationship.

Give yourself one day not to feel bad about it. Just one day okay?

One day not to focus on what you don’t have but what you do have.

7.      You deserve a day off from wishing for married people’s problems.

Appreciate your independence to make your own decisions without having to get approval from somebody else. Appreciate your freedom to come and go, save or spend as you wish.

8.     You deserve a day off to question all your lonely feelings instead of letting them send you on errands.

You will feel the way you think. So today question your thoughts. See if you really agree.

Is there really only one guy for you? Will your life really be complete only when you meet Mr Right? Is it really true that God will only send you Mr. Right when you are content to be without him? What does that even mean?

Don’t swallow all the prescriptions without thinking about it.
9.      You deserve a day off to fight back.

Today decide to address the pressure from concerned friends and family members. Don’t stew under their interrogation or side comments- give it back to them!

Ask them if they will pay for the wedding, tell them to back off, tell them you are not the person they are comparing you with, tell them they are being over concerned, tell them to keep their opinions to themselves, tell them to shut their trap- whatever your style- fight back!

10.  You deserve a day off to be okay with Valentine’s Day not being special for you.

You don’t go around feeling bad because its Sallah day and you are a Christian or it’s Christmas and you are a Muslim, you just seat back and eat Sallah meat or Christmas rice if it comes to you. Treat Valentine’s Day the same- eat free chocolate!

There will come a day when Valentine's Day is special again. It's just not today and that is ok.

11.   You deserve a day off from believing the hype.

See it for what it is. You and I know love is not all about chocolates, wine and flowers and the friend who is excited about all the presents today might be in tears over a lovers’ quarrel tomorrow.

Have a balanced view and keep close to reality.

12.  You deserve a day off to cash in on the benefits

Realize that someone is making money from all this. It is not all happening because people are in love, no people are in money! Maybe you too can be making money selling hampers, flowers, candy, and diamond jewellery. Think of all the money you can be making.

13.  You deserve a day off to be content with who you are.

Your relationship status is just a part of you. You may not be Mrs but are you a Madam? A sisi? A daughter? A hot babe? An independent woman? A person of talent? A beloved friend? A working woman? A business woman? A church leader? A C.E.O?

What else are you that is worth being happy to be you about?

14.  You deserve a day off to celebrate the most important person in your life- you!

When last did you track back on how far you have come, what you have survived, endured and overcome maybe alone without a man? Pat yourself on the back, you have tried!
If you think about it, there are many things to be happy about, gifts from a significant other being the least of them. So give yourself permission to have a happy Valentine’s day!


  1. Nice concept.
    Everyone deserves to be happy, not necessarily because you have all you need all the time but because you have a lot to be grateful to God for.

  2. Really great piece! Well done! Can i repost this please? Thank you!

  3. Great Post!
    Its hard but self love is the key to true happiness.
    Happy Vals Day!

  4. This article is on point...even though I came across it when the day was already far spent. I'm definitely taking my day(s) off, beginning from tomorrow!!...

  5. I just love the way you put it naikee, why haven't I ever seen it from this perspective! Now I have the words to comfort my friends and maybe my daughters in time to come!


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