November 15, 2013


Asah – Barah presents The WHISPERS OF THE WEAVE- FREE THE ARTIST exhibition

The exhibition slated to run from the 7th-10th Dec 2013 to commemorate the anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights all over the world has been carefully put together, paying great attention to detail, standard and quality of the art to be show cased. The exhibition will be featuring both the performing and the visual arts categories.

Performing art categories to be show cased include traditional forms of dance, contemporary forms of dance, poetry recitation, singing, music performance and film.

Visual art categories include hand-made wall hangings of various media, paintings, sculpture and pottery. Each art form features an exclusive application of local fabric and other locally available textile material in a style that has never been seen on the shores of Nigeria before now.

 The exhibition aims to:

·         Draw the attention of Nigerians and the international community to the social and cultural rights of creative Nigerians

·         Shed light on the economic plight of artistic Nigerians

·         Highlight the need for public and private partnerships in sustainable artistic programs.

·         Call for the resuscitation of indigenous art forms.

·         Create platforms of opportunity to showcase various art forms in one setting.

·         Promote art as an income generation strategy for the sustenance of Nigeria’s art and culture practitioners and advocates.

·         Show that art is a discipline that offers economic freedom and supports tourism interventions. 

 I am convinced that if we each start in the area of our gifting and spheres of influence, we can make a change in this nation without waiting for the government to get to it. There are so many creative people working as bankers, doctors, etc in order to pay their bills. There is wanton job dissatisfaction all over the place but people need to stay alive and so they plug into the system for it to pay them, while they leave their art and creativity behind. 

Artistes who can afford to push their art and succeed in the Nigeria of today are very few, while most others are swallowed up by frustration of the system, as it is literally almost impossible to access funding or any other kind of support. The result is the teeming number of painters and sculptures that display and hawk their art and craft on busy roads, where their work is devalued and more than most often, underpriced if bought at all. 

At Asah- Bara, we believe that a nation’s cultural identity, traditions and trends are in the hands of the artistes in each nation and that if the improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others, then likewise, the deprivation of one right adversely affects the others. “
                                                                   - Xoxa Icha, Project Visionary and Artiste, Asah Bara.

A percentage of what is realized from the sale of art work at the WHISPERS OF THE WEAVE- free the artist exhibition will be used to support returning trafficked/ migrants through PROJECT RAHAB,  and also support humanitarian assistance and free health care projects through the 8thMile Project..

Omonaikee is an official media partner of this event. for more!!!

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