November 04, 2013

Are you suffering from the "Is He My Husband?" Syndrome


If you are a single lady, chances are you suffer from the Is He My Husband syndrome (IHMHs). This condition predisposes you to ask yourself if any eligible young man you come across (hear about, see in a photo, watch drive past) is a potential husband.  You know you have it if any of the following happen to you:

1.       You walk into the board room and your eyes scan the room then rest momentarily on each new male face from the other company. You then make a quick assessment, sorting each face into the “too tall”, “large nose”, “perfect height” file before making a mental note of the eligible prospects you will introduce yourself to after the meeting.


2.      You wake up on Monday morning feeling lousy and all you want to wear are those comfortable flat shoes that have the stain by the side of the right shoe. The stain wasn’t your fault but mistakenly happened when some super glue missed the false nail your beautician was trying to fit on your finger and landed on your shoes.


You still have the shoes because you have psyched yourself into believing that the stain is too small to be noticed after all “who will be looking at your feet when they should talk to your face”, right?  Today you don’t feel like wearing anything fancy so you drag the shoes out of the shoe box where you buried them but just then, you hear your mother’s voice say “always look your best every day, today might just be the day you meet your husband”. You immediately dump the shoes for a pair of sleek heels instead.


3.      Your friends are going for their colleagues wedding. You don’t know the bride or the groom but you tag along taking great pains to wear the colors of the day. After all, one of the groom’s men or bride’s friends might cast a glance your way and you certainly want to be prepared!


4.      It’s your lunch break at work, and you have been at your computer all morning working on that tedious presentation. You bite your lip when something is difficult so your poor lips have lost all the coatings of the red lipstick you applied that morning. But as you pick up your purse to step out for lunch, you catch a glimpse of your face on the dead computer screen and gasp. You don’t want a potential suitor to see you this way so you snap out your lipstick, foundation, powder, blush, mascara, even your toothbrush because today just might be the day.


5.      You attend corporate events, conferences and seminars with more on your mind than just learning about the new things happening in your industry. You always seat yourself next to the friendly gentleman who returned your greeting warmly and at lunch breaks you are the most conversational at your table, handing out complimentary cards generously.


6.      You have been invited to a dinner party hosted by your cousin, Isioma who is famous for her prowess in the kitchen. You have had a long day and all you want to do is eat a home cooked meal. Once you arrive at the venue of Isioma’s event you want to dive straight for the food on the table but there is a gentle man seated next to you and even in your hungry state, you manage to notice how good looking he is. You somehow find the restraint to eat with a fork and knife even though you would much prefer to eat out of your hands.


7.      On your way home after a long day at work, you find yourself wishing you had a man you could smuggle close to, close enough to catch a whiff of his perfume. Except that you weren’t feeling this way until your married friend said she had to go home to cook for her husband and couldn’t hang out with you. As a matter of fact, you didn’t even come about this desire yourself, you read that perfectly constructed fantasy somewhere and you thought “that sounds like a nice feeling I should add to my bucket list of single girls wants!”


If you’re guilty of any of the above? It’s really not your fault at all. You probably have IHMHs known to turn the sweetest, calmest girl into this man- hustling terrestrial with special eyes that dart left and right, scanning the perimeter of every event venue for a suitable man of substance and caliber!


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