September 06, 2013

Recognize what you have!

This Saturday, I was scheduled to speak at a meeting on the topic, “Use your gifts”. Although the meeting has been cancelled, I was really looking forward to it for many months and over time I would write down points I was going to touch on when the day came. In spite of the cancellation, I still want to share some of the things I would have loved to share with that audience. I feel a little sad that someone could have been helped by what I had to say and this is my way of providing another avenue for someone else to hear these things and be helped.

You have a gift. Something unique about you that other people don’t have. It’s important to discover what your own gifts, unique interests and abilities are. Why?

They are advantageous gifts that you can use to overcome your disadvantages in life.

Some of those disadvantages could be that you were not born with a silver spoon or you didn’t have the best grades in school or that you live in a third world country. But you have advantages inherent in you and unique to you that can help you overcome those limitations and be successful. They are your gifts.

They will help you become who you want to be in life.

Your ability to speak well, your ability not to appear as a threat to anyone around you and gain their confidence, your ability to sense things about other people, your creative talent, your ability to organise things in an orderly or logical fashion will help you attain your dreams and goals. Use what you have to get what you want.

They will save you from comparing yourself with others

Discovering your gifts/your uniqueness saves you from comparing yourself with others. It heightens your self esteem, bolsters your confidence and helps you see how you stand out from a crowd. Don’t fall into the temptation of thinking someone is better than you because they are more talented, wealthier or outgoing. That’s what they need to succeed on their journey. You don’t need their drive or energy, their upbringing or parents, or their Ivy League education and opportunities. What you need you have, in abundance!

They will keep you from short sighted jealousy

If you are jealous of another person, it is only because you don’t know yourself. 
 The emotion of jealousy in itself is not necessarily evil, what you do with it, your actions as a result of it could be. Jealous emotions are a signal telling you that you want something someone has. When you get that signal, take the information your emotions are giving you and think of what it will require for you to get the same things through your own gifts, wit and hard work. You too have the arms and brains to get what you see in them that you want for yourself.

Go against the tide, take the high road or the narrow way and give the person credit for what they have while working toward getting there yourself.
Finally, don’t put yourself under pressure to achieve everything right now. Take a long term view to success, a slow but steady approach while you concentrate on developing your gifts and applying your skills. Success will follow in tow. 

Meanwhile, I will be speaking at another event next week Saturday, details below:

Don't miss it!

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