August 05, 2013

Okikijesu: What living with half a skull feels like!


Okikijesu Olawuyi

Okikijesu Olawuyi has made news the world over for being the only human on the planet to have congenital cranial deficiency at the scale she has. This child miraculously made it to her third birthday despite the predictions of her doctors. "Take her home to die" was the verdict stamped on her fate, but this little survivor has defied death and survived.  
Being a three year old baby with a deficiency that does not allow this child run, wave her hands in the air, see things in front of her, eat a plate of rice or experience a normal day without throbbing pain from the double lobes on the frontal part of her head (which expand with pressure from fluids in her head), is heart-breaking to imagine let alone experience. 
 Okikijesu's predicament has brought her before some of the world's best neurosurgeons, one of note is Dr. Ben Carson of John Hopkins's medical international.
Ben Carson meets Okikijesu

Okiki's family and supporters found relief when Carson and his medical team saw her condition as a challenge they couldn't resist. Eager to have such a medically historic accomplishment under their belt and amazed by the sheer act of God that kept Okiki alive, these doctors performed a first of a series of surgeries on the 22nd of May , 2013. Okiki has achieved major milestones since then, coming out of Intensive Care a week ago, she has also incurred huge medical bills.

The Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care, GIPLC led by Nuhu Kwajafa came to her rescue late last year and through their efforts helped raise the initial estimate of $234,000 sent by John Hopkins. Today, those bills have ballooned to more than $500,000 leaving GIPLC appealing to the sympathy of more good hearted people to come to the rescue.

Since I heard about this case, I have been involved. I have helped raise at least 1 million naira, I have also helped raise publicity.  On June 30th, I hosted GIPLC to a charity event to engage bloggers and social media users to campaign about this on their platforms and make a cash or sweat contribution to the cause. I did this with support from the communications and strategy unit of the Office of the Speaker, House of Representatives. All this I say, ONLY to tell you I will not ask you to do something I haven't done.

Please make a contribution today.

To find out how you can help, to verify authenticity:

Call GIPLC 08089693240, 08163183797, 08085101664

To make your contribution, DONATE to:

A/C NAME:    

BANK:                  ECOBANK 

A/C NUMBER:   3362017526

Please NOTE that: The full value of your donation goes to Okiki, no part of your money is spent on GIPLC's administrative or operational costs. You can make your donations to John Hopkins Hospital directly, please call GIPLC for more information.

Thank you & God bless!


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