August 26, 2013



We all have that person who we follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever social media platform it may be, for the sake of gist and pure entertainment. They flood your phone with twitter updates as soon as the sun comes up, giving you motivational quotes or political commentary, they use hashtags in every sentence, update their display pictures and status messages every 12 minutes with breaking news of less than newsworthy events happening in their small worlds, tag you in every facebook photo of recent trips or proud accomplishments and say things that we absolutely don’t need to know about their lives. There are times you get so very annoyed with their incessant posting that you almost unfollow or unfriend them.

Sharing is the basis of social media, and it can be a beautiful thing besides social media can be tons of fun and helps us feel connected to one another. But when does all that sharing become too much? And when can what you share online actually become dangerous?

We also have that friend or small business owner trying to achieve world domination from their offices located in their bedrooms or laptops (God will help us get bigger, lol!).  They literarily run down your phone battery with broadcasts about their services, products, discounts and promotions.

The abundance of information isn't just annoying — it can also make overeager posters targets for scams and other crimes as people reveal their full birth date online, broadcast when they're leaving the house, their health conditions and their love lives. All personal information.

Do you think people share too much online?

Do you think more people should leverage on social media as a free means of brand and business advertising because you have seen it work for you?

Has your client base doubled or bottom line been positively impacted by your strategic exploitation of social media?

Do you want to find out other ways to engage prospects for your business because you are losing followers and friends on social media who find the deluge of information overwhelming?

Have you closed your facebook account, stayed off blackberry messenger, never been on facebook, hate twitter and scoff at people who spend their lives on this platforms?

Will you like first hand advice from an expert about how much is too much to share about your business or personal life on social media?

Then this event is for you!

Meet the cast:

Omenesa Oruma Akomolafe (Artiste & Founder, Pearls International) is a successful artiste and brand personality who has dominated the Abuja landscape in a short period of time using the power and coverage of social media.

Innocent Ngogbehei is an Internet Security Expert with years of experience working to keep information untraceable on the internet.

Muhseen Kari (Buzz) is a business man with strong social media marketing skills which he has employed working with social media based business such as The Restaurant Club and He currently runs Buzz an advertising company using blackberry messenger as part of his core business strategy.

David Ropo Lawale is a business man and author of the book, the twenty first century joseph, he employed strong social media marketing to drive book sales and speaking engagements very successfully.

Venue:                      805, restaurant, opp NNPC,aminu kano crescent, wuse 2, abuja

Date:                         31st August , 2013

Time :                        6pm prompt.
Gate fee:                  N1,500
See you there!


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