June 14, 2013

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 OkikiJesu Olawuyi is a 3yr old Nigerian girl born with extreme Cranial Defeciency, meaning she was born with up to 40% of her skull missing(the first to be recorded on this scale,in medical history).
Even at her age,speech,sight and limb movements are highly impaired, if functional at all. She has lived on liquids and semi-solids all her life.
 Through the intervention of Nuhu Kwajafa and The Global Initiaive for Peace Love & Care (GIPLC), a non-governmental organisation(NGO) working with orphans & vulnerable children based in Nigeria, an estimated bill of $234,000 (37.4 million naira) from John Hopkins hospital, USA to commence treatment/surgical procedures was raised in 72 hours.
This in itself is a feat for which Nuhu and his team should be celebrated. 
The first surgery took place on May 22nd, and due to medical variants occurred, charges have been incurred of over $300,000 and rising. This is not inclusive of charges her cleft pallette procedure will incur as a result of the cranial deficiency.
Since there is no precedence, there's no telling what other complications may arise on the road to wellness for this child, like the fluids that were retained in her cranial cavity posed a challenge that wasn't envisaged and may have led to a fatal infection. From All indication the hospital might not release her until the outstanding amount is paid.
Dr Ben Carson, Okiki's doctor and Nuhu Kwajafa at John Hopkins
Iblog is interested.

Social media is interested.

In this June edition tagged Social Media's Social responsibility, join me and Nuhu to talk about what we can do to help! Part of the proceeds from ticket sales at this event will go to Okiki's surgery so plan towards it and be there!

Source: GIPLC
08023550822 for inquiries.

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