March 04, 2013

GIST POST: Social media in Abuja

Omonaikee and Ordinary Ahmed Isah
The February edition of iBlog was special in it's own way.

For those of you who don't know, iBlog is a networking event for bloggers and users of social media. At this event, there is a learning session where a theme related to social media is discussed. It is faccilitated by a super user and questions are asked and answers given at the end.

Raheema Gambo and Paul Onwueme from, facilitated the session on Search Engine Optimization

Questions anyone?
 A musical interlude follows with a live performance from an indigenous artist- Abuja has some of the best voices in da world!

Music by Bemsar

Ordinary Ahmed and Bemsar

The second session is a guest session where we get to meet and interact with an interesting, individual of repute. The last edition hosted SUPPER BLOGGER, Japheth Omojuwa, it was memorable because of his unapologetic persona. Watch video here.

And at the end, there is food, music, and photos- the perfect setting for guests to meet each other and make new friends.

Susan, Producer iblog feb. and Christian Broadcasting Network
Cognito Studios photography, Ordinary Ahmed and Kenny the videographer

Some participants who stayed a bit afterwards and got to take photos
In February, Ordinary Ahmed Isah, host of the popular radio show "Hembelembe" on Crowder Love FM was our guest. He electrified the gathering with his passion. When he started to speak, I felt like I was in a town hall meeting, hearing the woes of the voiceless of society and I was being challenged to do more than listen.

Ordinary Ahmed Isah

Ahmed's passion was evident when he talked about Nigeria and it was palpable when the discussion ran away with itself and unearthed his personal pain. Ahmed lost his wife less than a year ago and broke down in tears when it came up in conversation. I patted his back instinctively as his voice shook and his chest heaved. Someone started to clap but didn't finish, he probably realized that it was better to allow the moment pass unhurriedly than hurry it along.

My maternal instincts taking over
His session was expository, he talked about cases I have never imagined. His anger was palpable when he talked about the injustice of man to fellow man and government to it's own people. "Our faces were grim through out the episode. But his strongest message was - do something! He urged us not just to talk about change but to be about change!

He also gave us a taste of the live show by performing his famous line with interesting leg lifts and sweeping hand movements:

"ha hin ha hin ha hi hain eiiiiii, hemberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrlembeh"
and we chanted "olololoh" with equal excitement.

Ahmed in his element

                                                           Iblog is usually that much fun!

But for me, it's much more! I always thought that the best part of putting yourself out there and lending yourself to the stress of starting a venture, is the sense of fulfillment that you are doing something you love, and pursuing your dream. But that's not true, the best part of doing this is how you are being changed!

1. I am gaining perspective
In that one hour, Ahmed lent me a new pair of eyes from which he is experiencing the world. I was exposed to the sheer volume of human suffering he sees and the great depth of human wickedness at the bottom of it. Realities far from my view acted themselves out for me to see as I heard the narrative of Ahmed's voice. It was an eduation in itself.

2. I am learning courage

I saw the same level of fearlessness in Omojuwa as I saw again in Ordinary Ahmed. Both didn't seem to think that the risk of possible death changes doing the right thing to the wrong thing. Both didn't mind being disliked or hated, for them these matters were simply a question of taste. "If you don't like me, you are not for me" they both seemed to say.

3. I am building inner strength

This stuff? Is stress and I've entered the business of seeing miracles happen.  From a guest saying "yes, I'll be there", to a vendor saying "I'll help", to a kind "you're doing good babe", to my outfit behaving itself!

Right when my heart drops with disappointment, it is picked up again by a well timed miracle, and those are the moments when I am reminded that God is with me and I relearn the lesson to always look out for the silver lining behind the dark cloud!

and no, he is not the"one", so plsssssssssssssss stop asking!
                                                                 I'm winning! 

 Videos out soon!


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