January 02, 2013

You can have a happy new year.

Happy new year!

You hardly can say it without feeling some excitement!

Every year we wish our family, our friends and colleagues... indeed anyone we see on the 1st of January, a happy new year.

We do it out of habit, we do it because we are happy to see them in the new year, we do it because we are excited to see another year, we do it because it feels good!

But the phrase is more than a greeting when we think about it. It is a statement. It says the year is a new and happy year. It says the year is happy and tells us it is so because it is new. 

If you think about even more, you gain the audacity to interprete it as a piece of advice that tells us what we will have to do if the year is to be happy. Do something new.

So lets see how happy your new year will be?

Are you trying out for new things? 
Check your activites. Are you applying for a new job? Are you applying for a scholarship? Are you applying for sponsorships to attend a conference? Are you applying for your masters degree? Lots of companies will be hiring at the start of the year, are you applying?
How much of what you are focusing on will open up new opportunities for you to do something new, something different or something you’ve always wanted to do?
Are you actively seeking out new opportunites or are you doing your routine?
Are you finding out new information along the lines of your cherished dreams? Are you finding out about the opportunities around you or have you isolated yourself in your current situation without thinking of getting out into other possibilities?
Are you planning anything new?

Is there anything you are about to do that is causing you any excitement? Are you going to do anything in the next three months that can give you that new experience you’ve always wanted in the following three? Is your life exciting because of the new things you are setting up for yourself or is it boring because you are going with the flow and leaving occasional exciting experiences up to chance? Are you trying to meet someone? Are you making arrangements to go someplace new? 

Are you taking the first step or waiting for everything to be perfect?
 You might not have the money to travel abroad but you have the money to get your international passport or pay the visa fees for a visa to that country you want to go. Take the first step and see.
Are you making anyone happy?
Are you giving anyone a gift this year? Are you making anybody's dream come true? Whose life will you change? Who will you get a job? Who will you push to take the next neccessary step in their journey? Who will you help? Whose prayer will you answer this year? Who will you pray for? Whose hand will you hold?
Yes it's a new year and it should be a happy one but like I said in the title of this post, you can have a happy new year, if you set it up to be.
Have a Happy New Year!

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