January 11, 2013

It's up to you!

Getting into work mode and picking up from where we left off before the holidays will gradually wear off the "new" of the new year. It is expected that work will peak even more and life will return to it's busy pace. But these few days that begin the year present an opportunity to focus on what we want for the year and how we can attain it. (What can you do in 12 months?)

It is this period that lots of prayers and planning happen. Prayers for direction and plans for execution.  While i'm all for embarking on quests for divine direction and one- man strategy sessions, it is of greater importance that these exercises are productive.

The question to ask ourselves is,

Are we gaining clarity?

To achieve our goals for 2013, clarity is required. As we do these retreats, planning must be detailed enough to provide clarity. Prayer, fasting and study should give insight and perspective.

Are we seeing a course of action?

To achieve our goals for 2013, action is required. How effective our moments of deep thought and our practice of intense prayer are depend on what they help us DO afterward.

Are we getting prepared?

To achieve our goals for 2013, preparation is required. Our prayer and fasting should prepare the heart, our study prepare the mind and our planning prepare the feet.

The answers to the above will show us if our efforts are at best good habits and at worst uneffective strategies. 

At the end of the day, all the planning and praying in the world can't take the place of "DOING"!

Have a Happy new year!

It's up to you!

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