January 22, 2013

Step one: START!

iBlog is an idea I have been nursing since March last year. Amb. Stephen Oguntoyinbo had organised a National Youth Media Summit and wanted bloggers for a session of the event (I don't remember it clearly now). A friend of mine contacted me about it and I contacted him. "It would be in Lagos" he said. I suppose that was the end of the matter and the beginning of all the thoughts that have led me to this NEW BEGINNING.

I researched on the internet for similar ideas and wrote a million things down. It stayed written in a small jotter in my book case like so many of my ideas waiting for me to give them me. Whenever I got one of those broadcasts inviting me to a monthly event of some kind, I remembered my seed of an idea. Usually things like that would make me uncomfortable for a while then leave me with resolve.

Then three weeks ago, I read something on Remembering my Journey blog by Nnenna Ndioma and it again made me uncomfortable. Again I don't remember specifics except that it made me resolve again to do something about my idea. So I made the first phone call and committed myself. I was going to do a monthly bloggers networking event, it was called iBlog and it would kick off on the 27th of January 2013. Done!

Maybe this will make you do something to create a new beginning for yourself too. Maybe you will read this and take the first step to making real a possibility you have held in your imagination for sometime.

I hope it does.

I also hope you make history with me and come for #iBlog! I'll be looking out for you!

More details here

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Omanike - your i-blog idea sounds absolutely brilliant. Too bad I'm not based in Nigeria - would've loved to join in. Thank you for the shout out.



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