May 03, 2012

My own Reality TV

A chunk of my day goes to watching my small flat screen TV. Hoisted strategically on the wall of my tiny studio apartment, I can watch it from every angle even whilst in the throne room doing my business (great yeah? I know!).

With reality TV shows there are two types of people on earth. There are the ones who can’t bear to watch, hear or talk about reality TV and the others who live with the Kardashians and sleep with Ice and Coco and their dog- Spartacus. 

For the former, they think "Why would I watch another person living their lives when I have mine to live?" They think that every minute spent watching Kim Kardashian is a dollar spent paying the reality star. I get them.

The other group of people live from show to show: The Amandas, Big Rich Texas, Kimora and life in the fab lane, Keeping up with the Kadashians, Khloe and Lamar, Jerseylicious, Ice loves Coco … the shows are as endless as the channels on DSTV. It’s entertaining. You get to see a day in another person’s life and world.

While I don’t recommend watching TV all day, every day or spending too much time marinating in the influence of the vain and excessive lifestyle depicted on some of these shows, there truly is a lot to learn from the exposure.

Some of these shows offer the best business cases I have seen. From the Gatsby owned by Gayle of Jerseylicious, to Dash owned by Kourtney, Khloe and Kim of keeping up with the Kardashians, to Baby phat and KLS brands owned by Kimora Lee Simmons and The Amandas owned by Amanda of The Amandas, you get to see how these small and medium scale enterprises, mostly manned by a small team of five, achieve great feats.

It’s interesting to me that these small teams promote celebrities globally, create products used worldwide, gross in millions of dollars and achieve feats in weeks that African businesses on this side of the world would not achieve in their lifespan.

Watching the level of team work, project management and organization; the quality of brand positioning and corporate strategizing plus the right use of technology and social media for publicity, I am learning how these global brands work.

Information about big brands and names are not secret any more. The entertainment business is demystified as we see the level of work artistes and their management put in to blow up their stars.

It is an education in itself- One management class I don’t mind taking at all.

Has watching anything on TV helped you in your everyday life? Drop a note and tell me about it. 

Off to class!


  1. Nice one Nike,
    U just keep it up, and only time will tell, coz am convinced you are going places with this!


  2. Cool stuff Nike!
    Watching TV from a tender age tuned my mind to brands and logos. It's just awesome that right now I am a Civil Engineer but also a designer of company logos and branding consultant of sorts. All you said is so true.

    1. Hey Anonymous, thanks for dropping a comment and compliment!yay!

  3. I'm the latter group; i.e. reality tv fanatic, and I gotta say, these 'celebrities' are brand gold. They can turn a crumbling weightloss system like quicktrim into gold dust....literally. We all see the Kardashians hit the gym every dying day and yet, looking at them market this powder that once diluted, sheds all the lbs you could only dream of, gets girls running to convenience stores to buy this crap. Its hilarious but i get what you mean....its slightly educational and inspiring.



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