March 02, 2012


I attended a literary event hosted by the Abuja Literary Society to hear my friend David Ropo Lawale read his book “21ST CENTURY JOSEPH”. I also met authors Ozioma Izuora of “Dreams Deffered” and Chuma Nwokolo of “The Ghost of Sani Abacha” and “ The dairy of a dead black African” which I have read.

Su' eddie, Me, Chuma Nwokolo
Of all three authors, Chuma Nwokolo stood out to me. He had presence.  A broad, sturdy chest stood on a tall frame, crowned with a head of hair that had been encroached by gregarious grey hairs leaving just a tuft of black in the middle part of the front of his head. He looked like a Hoopoe, with its crown of black and white feathers. He was as distinct in sound as he was in appearance. He had a baritone that almost hid his Igbo accent which whenever it surfaced, only lent to the rich timbre of his voice. When he read, he became animated and turned from side to side, one side for one character and another side for the next. His voice hopped from deep and coarse to thin and clear, and emotions jumped from angry to excited and happy to sad. He embodied the characters he was reading. It was just as interesting to hear him read as it was to read him write.

At the event, I was also a reader. YAY! We played a game where we constructed a poem or short story with these five random words: 






This was my entry:

"I had forgotten his effect on me and now as I sat across the table from him, holding a dozen roses, I wondered how to extricate myself from this effect he had on me. we had been at a literary society event and we left as the rain started to pour, I had forgotten my umbrella but he had one and now in his car, safe from the rain , I still wondered".

Me and Ozioma Izuora 
I sat next to Su'eddie who wrote this:


"Umbrella - who needs one now
When we can extricate the extremes
That a dozen weathers might bring
Hmm, this piece should be rhythmic to literary
But damn! That is a skill I've already forgotten."

and Obemata wrote this:

“I sat beneath the umbrella tree wondering how I could extricate myself from yesterday’s philandering. I counted the women whose hearts I had broken on the fingers of my palms. They were just a dozen in number, and I wondered if I had not forgotten that important one. I crossed my fingers. Literary speaking.”

There where poems, sentences and short stories and mine won-YAY! So I got a prize and got to read it in the event twice!  It was sooo much fun to do and YOU can try it too, here are your words:


Write in the comment box in under 5minutes and see how creative you can get. Good luck! 

 After the event , i got my books signed and headed home, it was a great evening!


  1. This really is good. Sad that you didn't do nothing or stay long at Abuja Writers' Forum to catch some of the beauty and the moment... But truly, this is good reportage.
    You are a fascinating blogger. I would only hope that you try your best to keep this going. You are doing a service, the worth which you might not know.
    Well done on this and all you do Nike. Best wishes, S'

  2. Wait a minute!!
    You didn't mention that you were a double WINNER! I think that would help - and don't worry, we wouldn't beg you for your prizes... That was a real fun part. :)

  3. Thumbs up Mike!!!
    U rock gal...

  4. A just got this really great entry from Mr Kingsley, he's is a riddle:
    I get very ANIMATED when one tries to CONSTRAIN me into being DIPLOMATIC whilst discussing issues bordering on ROMANCE for which I possess requisite knowledge in ABUNDANCE who am I?

  5. I'd try to be diplomatic about this; considering our obvious constraints, dwindling romance and an abundance of issues we haven't been able to deal with, our relationship is somewhat animated and my heart is one's puppet.


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