August 29, 2009

A moment in the mirror

I was innocently making up this morning, just minding my beauty business. I was absent minded; giving no actual thought to the motions just creating the desired strokes by habit. One more dab of powder on my left cheek and i paused to see if i had done enough and that was when i really noticed me in the mirror. I must have been staring at my face the whole time but it was in that split second i really saw myself. I saw my fair, smooth skin that was alive with it’s own vibrance. I could see that the powder i had been rubbing on to it could neither hide it’s shine nor take credit for it’s glow. My eyes took in my side view quite like any observer, only in this case my attention was commanded by my own beauty, i mean beauty that is mine, that is a part of me... i was only looking.

I saw that the face in the mirror was oblong , i thought it was the right fit for a face with a discernible forehead and a long chin. I noticed the black hair starting at the front of my head and tilted my face sideways to see it end at the nape of my neck. Pulled back in a chignon it looked just like me. I saw that it was good. I smiled. My words took the admiration of my thoughts and escaped my lips with them:“ See this fine girl”, i said, as much in estatic surprise as in proud delight. It was mine; the face, the moment, the feeling. I may never remember those few minutes again but i don’t want to forget what they left me. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If i am the beholder, i am beautiful.

Between Joel Osteen, God and me!

So i’m reading this book by Joel Osteen called “Your best life now”. I love books. A great book is like a great friend.And so when I wasn’t feeling very tall inside recently, i knew i only needed to find the right book and i’d be fine. I just didn’t know what book i was looking for.

While i was in the middle of this thought process, i came across a copy of “Your best life now” that belonged to someone else. I flicked through the pages and was engaged by the parts of it i could speed-read. I knew it was just what i needed only after a few minutes of perusal. I couldn’t borrow the copy i saw but the thought of stealing it certainly crossed my mind. Sadly, i and the book parted ways and i wished i’d either find a copy to buy or get it as a gift just as soon as i could find the right person to give a carefully deviced hint! I had to have that book.

That same day i went for my bible study meeting and somewhere between the praying, studying the word and catching up with friends , i soon forgot all about Joel Osteen or his book that i had to have! As the meeting ended and i was about to tow my tired body home, i was informed that there would be another short meeting i was to be part of! One of those fellowships after fellowship! I took a long, longing look at the door , envying those i could see making their way through it, before commanding myself in the opposite direction for this second meeting.

Once there i felt guilty about my reluctance because it was a surprise celebration of belated birthdays for some of us in attendance.There was a cake, drinks and wrapped gifts. I quickly warmed up to the mood. I received a gift, grabbed some cake and played along when they sang “happy birthday” and prayed for us. I mean, if God wanted to recreate my birthday experience a whole month after the actual date, i wasn’t going to mind!

The others who didn’t get gifts were curious to know what the rest of us had been given. “Open it” someone said motioning at me. I tried to feel it to figure out what it was. “it’s a book”, i replied hoping my response would do. I wasn’t interested in opening it just yet. Then it hit me. “What if it’s Joel Osteen’s book?”

Nah! I dismissed the thought.

“It couldn’t be. How would that happen anyway? Afterall, i only wished for it this afternoon and that was just a few hours ago. Besides there was no time to even pray for it to happen. You know how you have to bug God about it or work hard at worrying about how it would come, then pout that it hadn’t and finally grumble about it until God took the hint and gave you just to shut you up! How could i get the book just like that?”

“Nah”, i concluded again. And to prove it, i peered through the wrapping paper and saw the letters: T-i-m. “That settles it”. I decided. “It’s just some book by Tim Lahaye. See!”

Let’s see what you got”.

The voice came from behind me. I acquiesced and started to unwrap my Tim Lahaye book from one corner. As i peeled off the wrapping paper, i caught a picture of Joel Osteen on the cover! My eyes widdened in complete, honest- to –God surprise and grew bigger when i read the words on the cover: ” Your best life now”. I screamed. I looked for Tim’s name and saw that the words where- New york TIMes bestseller! The voice behind me spoke again;

It’s a book”.

This time i wheeled around to face it’s owner shaking my head, desperate for understanding. “You don’t understand”, I insisted. “It’s the book. Just this afternoon, i wished i could have this exact book and i get here and you guys present it to me without ever knowing what i wanted!”

I was blown away by God and i kept screaming out the holler conceived in my inside the minute i saw my surprise. God knows how to blow your mind! I mean here i was trying to figure out what God had set up an abundant way to give me!!! Woow! Later when i told someone else, she narrated how she had been prompted to make a gift of the same book to her brother who unknown to her, had the day before, given it as a gift to somebody else when he really wanted it for himself!

I’m still on cloud nine from that experience and i just had to write about it... there!


  1. Like God must wonder why we dont get it already that He works in mysterious ways? lol
    Im so glad you got that book you wanted gurl. The Bible says even before we ask He aleady sees and knows the desires of our heart. And the best part? Everytime is like just the starting point. All other things your heart yearns out for will be answered in Jesus Name. Amen.

  2. He does work in mysterious ways and i'm learning to expand my expectations so that God does the impossible, the surprising and the breathe- taking in my experience. He knows how to blow your mind and thats a word for somebody. Thanks for the prayer and for stopping by...have a beautiful september!

  3. Once again, you have expressed a useful word of thought provoking exhortation and edification.
    Its interesting how you write cos its religious and didactic in nature yet you make it very easy on the intellect. The easy readability (dont bother checking the dictionary!)of your work is inspiring.
    Have you considered writing christian fiction? Seriously. . .

  4. Hi Sheddy, thanks for dropping by again. I'd probably do well at christian fiction if i were anything as good as you. Your writing is engaging; your readers stay with you on whatever subject you write partly in admiration of your delivery and partly in respect for your well-rounded opinion on any subject. you are not only a mature personality but also a mature writer and i love that- you deserve to be read.

  5. An endorsement from a gal as wonderful as you is just great! Thank you so much for the vote of confidence, and you dont have to thank me for dropping by, your writing is edifying and I always check to see if there is anything new.
    I'm waiting for that one you told me about. Again, thank you.

  6. hey 'Naikee...
    Lovely article...Its amazing the way God works in our lives when we allow Him...and sometimes even when we don't.
    I recently received a long-held desire and it came just the way I had prayed it subtractions. The experience has increased my faith in God. Iknow He hasn't finished yet...I think He has done it again only I haven't fully realized (or recieved) it. You know it's one thing to know how to's another thing entirely knowing how to recieve.

    Once again wonderful blog!

  7. Hey Shawn, thanks for the compliment! i'd jump with abandon on the band wagon of your excitement about God's timing and generousity anytime! I share in that joy! and it's wonderful to have experiencs that increase your faith! God wants to give us so much more than we settle for, he makes that clear in 2 cor9:8:
    ... and God is able to make all grace, every favor and earthly blessing come to you in abundance so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation."

    SEE?thanks for stopping by my blog.


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