November 01, 2008


Hola! I’ve been planning this blog for a while now and i’m excited it’s come to life! I love to write and i can always be caught either writing in a jotter, scribbling on a piece of paper or penning my thoughts in my journal. This year i decided to share my writing with a larger audience so i started contributing to a great Nigerian magazine called 234 Magazine ( That was 10 months ago. I was introduced to a world of deadlines and learnt to write for a target audience under a specific theme .I also had to re-invent myself and developed a different type of writing “voice” from my usual narrative style which i use in private journals (i will refer to them as the omonaikee dairies on this blog and i should tell you that i always yell an emphatic “NO!” when someone asks to read them). Anyway, back to the story; My column called motivating the young takes off and i’m thinking “this is a lot of fun!”. So with my newly found confidence as a “public writer” , i’ve decided to add another few hundred words to my capacity to reach more people with this blog.

But i must confess, it is not only the love of writing or the consequent desire to master it that makes me touch finger tip to key pad. As my fingers chase themselves all over my QWERTY keyboard, i recognise that i am also nurturing the ambitious goal of making a positive impact on YOU, dear reader and all the potential visitors to this blog. I do not entirely know how i am going to do this yet, but i have set this “noble” goal for myself that YOU will benefit from giving me your time. I also don’t have all of the content completely figured out too but every fortnight i will share with you something interesting.informative.motivational and more (i know you want to know what “more” is ........shhhhh still working on it!). So I’d like you( if you will be so kind...) to get conversational and holler back with your thoughts and we’ll take it up from there.

Places in the HEART

Let me introduce a very interesting phrase i coined out of my bible and book study almost a year ago. I can’t remember now what book i was reading but these phrases just started to let themselves into my train of thought.”Places in the heart” refer (wait for it...) to the atitude of our heart towards God and towards people. Our hearts are full of atitudes. How we relate or respond to other people depends on the atitude of our hearts toward them.It is these atitudes that also decide how opened up or how closed up we are to the things God says or prompts. Heart atitude is hidden. We might not even notice it while its forming, until it gives birth to a tangible action that betrays the real state of our inside. I want to keep my heart atitude tender towards God.I want to be tender- hearted and yielding, easily influenced to reason with God not against or away from God. So i have created a space at the bottom of each post called “places in the heart”. It will influence your heart and affect your heart atitudes towards God and people.

HangingOUT withHARRIS

I first saw and met my buddy Steve Harris at a training facilitated by Visible Impact consulting. Harris works with Uncle Fela .(Fela Durotoye is the CEO of Visible Impact but even more impressive is the fact that he is a courteous, kindhearted, warm and genuine person with a distinctive humane quality about him). Harris is very passionate about what he does which is training and strategizing for service providers in different industries to help them create a world- class edge in their organizations. That’s just neat! He’s a great guy and he said to me while we were talking one day; ” You will not get rich on your salary”. I wrote it down and we kept talking and then he dropped another nugget : ” God’s greatest desire for you is to earn a fee doing something he created you to do for free!”. I also wrote that down, this time i wrote his name under the quote and decided that hanging with Harris was a valuable learning experience! So you are also going to be hanging out with him on this blog. In addition to his work as a business consultant and motivational speaker, he is presently working on his book and i can bet 7 inches of my hard-earned long hair that it will be a best selling success! So enjoy “hanging out with Harris” and enjoy my blog!!!


  1. Nice to read the thoughts and events of a growing mind,truly there's nothing greater or should i say pleasurable than earning a living doing what you love,i love working for God and wud love to earn a living doing so.
    Reach out with your thoughts,you just might be speaking out loud another quiet mind.

  2. the omonaikee dairies.hmm... i'm betting a couple more inches of my hard-earned, well; not too long hair that it be something. watch out, here it comes. the emphatic, No!

  3. That's it! Great! Doing what you love doing for free and earning a fee too!Me I don't have to bet my hair or any other part of my body...I KNOW this is something...already.Keep it up girl!

  4. Amazing! you are continually unfolding!! new layers again and again. i believe you have the answers right there that most of our generation seeks!

  5. Thanks Guys.Wat a wind beneath my wings that is!Keep ur suggestions coming. what would you like to see? what could be improved? how can i get more traffic on the site?

  6. You're doing really good. love it, love it, love it.


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